Transfer Petition in the Supreme Court of India

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Taps9 Legal Services has one of the best lawyers for transfer cases in the Supreme Court. These lawyers have had huge experience in the area of matrimonial cases and have dealt in the transfer of civil and criminal cases before the Supreme Court of India.


The Supreme Court of India has the power to transfer a proceeding or a suit from one High Court to another or from one District Court to another in a different state to achieve the end of justice.  If there are multiple similar petitions pending in a variety of states, the court can transfer one of the petitions to one of those courts to enable a consolidated trial.


Furthermore, the Honorable Supreme Court of India has the power to transfer a criminal case from one High Court to another. This court will only transfer cases when it feels that there is an advantage in such a petition. If it appears that the Supreme Court is not acting judicially or there is any word that the accused is not getting a proper or fair trial, then the court will not hesitate to re-transfer the case.


The convenience of the parties including the witnesses to be produced at the trial is relevant and there must be a reasonable apprehension to the party to a case for deciding the transfer petition.  This gives the Supreme Court of India original jurisdiction over such deals and issues and how to resolve them.


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