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Caveat Petitions

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A caveat is put in place by making an application to the registry or filling in an online application. At Taps9 Legal Services, we can place a caveat along with a small fee. After this, the caveat remains in place for six months from the date that is entered. Finally, a month before it is due to expire, a request can be made to extend it for a further period of another six months.


It can be tough to remove a caveat if it has been lodged as no notice has to be given when the caveat is issued. This can be surprising to an executor to find that the caveat has been lodged against a property. There are certain steps that need to be taken to have a caveat removed and Taps9 Legal Service has the knowledge and expertise to help you in this regard.


You would need to submit a warning which is then served on the caveator who needs to get to court within 14 days of the warming. Our team of professionals will help you with the entire process from beginning to end while keeping all your information secure and private. We will never reveal any of your information or data to a third party without your consent.


If the parties can resolve matters without a court order an agreement canthen be signed by both parties and lodged with agreement to remove the caveat. If the appearance is entered, then the caveat will remain in force for a long time until the matters are finally resolved.


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