At Taps9 Legal Services, our team of divorce and family lawyers provides professional family law services. We manage divorce, caveat petitions, advocate and legal consult, inheritance issues, and divorce among other legal family issues. Our team of experts offers face-to-face legal consultation before and after the divorce through email, telephone, WhatsApp, or even Zoom.


If the couple agrees then our family lawyers offer several services within the scope of our family service. However, if there isn’t an agreement regarding the divorce, we offer legal representation in the contested divorce among our other services. Here are some of the services we offer as an advocate and legal consultant.


Family law online consultation

At Taps9 Legal Services we offer online family law or even onsite consultation services through Skype, telephone, Zoom, or WhatsApp. We even offer international family law online.


Online divorce

When you hire our professional service of online divorce, it implies the previous agreement of the spouses, child custody, family home, child maintenance payment, pet custody, and alimony. We also offer online divorce and property division wherein the spouses along with the divorce divide their matrimonial property and any given assets along with ancestral land. Taps9 also offers legal consultation for contested divorces wherein one of the spouses doesn’t accept the divorce and even intends to file a lawsuit in a court of law.


Divorce abroad

If you get divorced in another country, the divorce order must be previously recognized in a court of law before it is enforced and valid.


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